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What is Studmenn?

"Baaad taste"



1982 Međ allt á hreinu (On Top)

Comments: The most popular Icelandic film to date, seen by over 120.000 people during it first run in the cinemas. Still one of the best loved Icelandic films.

Synopsis: Two rock groups, one male, the other female, decide to do a combined effort to hit the road of stardom by doing a show together. As the show is getting on the road, the lead singers of the two groups have a disagreement which brings about a parting of ways, in love as in life. A historic tour of the country begins, which through the music and performances of the two groups as well as the reactions of their audiences, reveals, beneath the comedy, glimpses of today's real competition between the sexes, seen against the background of Icelandic Life. [more]

Release Date: 01-Dec-82

Now out on DVD with english, german and russian subtitles!

1984 Hvítir mávar (Cool Jazz and Coconuts)

Comments: Director Magnússon's debut film.

Synopsis: A fantastic pop satire about the reunion of an old romantic triangle - a couple living in a small village on the east coast of Iceland and a visiting actress friend. The actress is to produce a play with the local amateur group and old romantic flames are rekindled. At the same time an American army unit is making experiments with a new and powerful energy source in the vicinity, promising the community a prosperous future.

Release Date: 20 Mar-7-1985

1986 Strax í Kína

 Comments: TV documentary on Studmenn´s tour in China

2003/2004 in progress: Í takt viđ tímann


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