Egill Ólafsson

Egill is a freelance artist of a versatility rarely met with.

He studied at The Reykjavík Conservatory 1970-1976, singing and composition. He has taken master classes with Per Raben, Jukka Linkola, Pierre Dörge, Jo Estill, Oren Brown., Thorsten Föllinger, just to mention a few.

He is well known to Icelandic audience as an actor, singer and composer. As an actor he has apeared in over thirty feature films mostly in leading roles as well as in several TV - films. He has been as a principal in many theatre plays and musicals. Recently he was Fred Graham in Kiss Me Kate, at the City Theatre in Reykjavik and Peachum at the critically acclaimed Icelandic National Theatre Production of the "Threepenny Opera". He has done Sky Masterson in Guys And Dolls, Jean Valjean in Les Miserable (he joined the 10th anniversary concert of Les Mis at the Royal Albert Hall 1996) Peron in Evita and Escamillo in Carmen Negra for The Icelandic Opera.

His songwriters output contains four musicals, music for eight films, six plays, two ballets, three albums of solo music, and two albums of arrangements of Icelandic folk music.

He has also worked with Icelands most popular bands through the years, Studmenn and The Icelandic Hobgoblins (Thursaflokkurinn) both as a songwriter and singer.

The year 2000 Egill worked with Bjorn Thoroddsen (guitar) and his trio. The same year Reykjavik (capital of Iceland) was one of Europes Cultural Cities and Egill and Bjorn's Trio travelled to Canada, USA, Russia, Finland, Spain and Norway because of this, representing Icelandic music. He is also joining the Icelandic Sound Company with his vocals.

Egill has been in all kinds of musical productions and has worked with people like Lil Lindfors, Nils Henning Örsted Petersen, Tommy Körberg, Jukka Linkola, Anglaspel/ Stefan Forssén, Lars Storck, Ingrid Kindem, Fostbrothers Mans Choir, Reykjaviks Female Choir, Reykjaviks Brass Ensamble, The Icelandic Symphony Orchestra, The National Philharmonics Of Lithuania. Last year and this year Egill was working as a composer and singer in a production for The Norwegian State Consert promoters, (Rikskonserterne). The production "Ćgir" turnéed around in Norway in fall 2001, spring and autumn 2003.

Egill has just recently released a compilation of his renowned theater music (please click on solo work for more informations), as well as he is currently working with Björn Thoroddsen, touring with their program "Tónlist fyrir alla" (music for everyone) and also with the Icelandic Sound Company.

Honours: Egils album Tifa Tifa was selected as " the best album in 1991" by the RúV (State Radio), Artist stipendium from the Icelandic State 1979, awarded one of three best artists at The National Theatre in Iceland 1996. Got the Critics Award, as the best singer in field of popular music 1999.

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To learn more about his outstanding achievements as an actor in films, plays and musicals, please click above. Downloads of his complete CV in english, icelandic or german will be shortly available here. In the meantime please send mail to


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