Tómas Magnús Tómasson


Tómas Magnús Tómasson´s early attempts at learning to play musical instruments were already indicative of his later success as a bass player and producer, and his bass playing art has been compared by Kristján Eldjárn and many others to come close to Sid Vicious and Jaco Pastorius.

At the tender age of 7 Tómas started to play the flute, but turned to clarinette later on to join the school band. His parents purchased him a guitar at the age of 10, a present in exchange to get rid of his beatleseque hairstyle at that time. During his studies of classical guitar he founded his first band called "Fónin", and was joined by Fridrik Thór Fridriksson, who is now an internationally known film director. After founding another band with the name "Amor" Tómas was persuaded to buy and play the bass, the instrument he would ultimately master. One year later he did his first session recording, and decided to quit school and become a professional musician. At the age of 18 he moved to London to become a session musician and engineer for icelandic musicians who recorded in Great Britain. After the first record studio opened in Iceland Tómas returned and started to produce albums for other musicians and became a sound engineer as well.

Among his achievements as a producer and engineer are the best-selling records of the band "EGO" and "Bubbi Morthens", he has worked with the "Sugarcubes" and "Megas", as well as having recorded and mixed Björks Album "Gling-Gló". Tómas has often worked with Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson, the renowned film composer and known to the world for his award-winning music for the film "Children of Nature". Hilmar and Tómas just recently cooperated for the live recording of the band "Sigur Rós", as well as on the title song of Fridrik Thor Fridrikssons latest film "Fálkinn", written and sung by Keith Caradine.

Several bands were graced by Tómas´ presence throughout the years, but most regularly you can admire his dexterity on the bass with his two bands, "Snillingarnir" and "Stuđmenn".

He is the only openly admitting gay person in "Stuđmenn" and toys with the plan about developing "Rock against Heterophobia".

Tómas only played on a Yamaha BB2000/3000 for the last 15 years.

But his skills and talents are not not bound on strings to be the master of the subliminal sound and quippy undertone, within his extraordinary versatilities he is also a culinary cooking artist at its best...

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