Stuğmenn in London 24.03.2005

síğa á íslensku
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"There is the world´s most famous concert hall,
there is a band considered Icelands most popular ever,
chosen musicians of the decade,
there´s an audience, there´s a high level of expectancy ....
watch the vikings deliver!"

Icelands one and only pop art geezers, Stuğmenn, are going to perform a one -off special concert. On the 24th of march they will perform at the world-famous Royal Albert Hall in London as the ultimate revue of Icelands tunes of today. Take elated entertainers armed with attitude, put them in the historic Royal Albert Hall and watch an evening of never-seen energy-fuelled moments unravel. We promise you a night that if you are there, you will have to pinch yourself.

If you are coming to the show from Iceland, we have good news.
Icelandair is offering a special package with flight and admission ticket for this very event.

The packages for the flights on the 22., 23. and 24th of march are unfortunately already sold out,
but Icelandair has chartered an extra plane for this event, outgoing on the 24th of march,
back to Iceland on the day after for the price of 26.900 ISK.

Please be in contact with Icelandair offices at telephone 5050 406 or via e-mail:

If you are coming from GB or Continental Europe, you can book tickets online at

Please don´t hesitate to contact us if you need help.